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Bookworm and Worldwide Traveler

I have two masters. Together, they have taken me from Brazil, to the U.S., to Europe: in 1997, I earned an MA in Translation from Kent State University’s Institute for Applied Linguistics, in Kent, Ohio and in 2019, I earned an MAS from the Université de Genève (in Switzerland), in Interpreter Training

Linguistic Ninja and Word Juggler

I enjoy translating and interpreting and over the course of my 20-year-old career, I’ve translated, interpreted and consulted about: irrigation, fashion, business, aviation, weapons of mass destruction, law, etc., and I’m still eager to work in fields that make me learn what matters to you.

Customer service is in my DNA.

Besides translating, interpreting and consulting, I can also manage complex linguistic translation and interpretation projects and have also earned a Basic Terminology Manager Certificate from ECQA

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