Besides translating and interpreting, I have spent many years teaching and consulting. As a teacher, I like to bring the world into the classroom, so that students of translation walk away with translations that read like originals and that show rigorous terminology research. As a language and cultural consultant, my goal is to exceed your wildest expectations, by providing services that are cognitively and corporately relevant for your mission and vision.

Other Consulting Services

Translation Instructor

I have taught in North America’s premier translation and interpretation programs, such as New York University’s School for Professional and Continuing Studies, The University College at the University of Denver and currently coordinate the Portuguese Translation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Interpreter Trainer

Besides the rigorous training at the Université de Genève, which allows me to train interpreters in the consecutive and simultaneous (with and without text) modes, I continue to heavily invest in continuing education as part of my requirements as a Qualified Interpreter Court Interpreter for the Maryland Courts.

Cultural Consultant

I have worked as a corporate trainer with companies and individuals in the United States that were relocating or needed to train employees on how to interact successfully with Brazilian counterparts.

My Happy Clients

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