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Localization is the cultural adaptation of software, hardware, videogames or web sites to differences in global markets. According to LISA (The Localization Industry Standards Association), in 2000, 12% of companies localized into Portuguese.



Some of the issues that need to be considered when localizing into Portuguese are:

  • LINGUISTIC ISSUES: Are your products or services going to be used in Brazil or Portugal - should you translate into Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese?
  • PHYSICAL ISSUES: computer keyboard layouts vary and all input methods must be supported for users to have access to the equipment.
  • BUSINESS ISSUES: colors and graphics must be adapted, e-commerce solutions must account for payment preferences and methods in the local currency.
  • TECHNICAL ISSUES:date formats and separators used in numbers must be in compliance with the grammatical and formatting rules of the language.

At ALL in Portuguese, we use the latest technology in localization tools, including:

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